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The Ultimate Website Transformation!

A maximum four-week process completes your

Ultimate Website Transformation


Stage 1: The Foundation for Your Unique Website Design

During this stage, we’ll get clarity on your personality, your business goals, and how you want people to feel when they visit your website. This will set the foundation of a unique design that’s aligned with who you are to help you stand out in your industry and book more clients.


Stage 2: Set the Tone for Your Website

Next, we’ll set the tone for your website design with your brand board. The brand board will show the unique selection of colors, fonts, and photos that express the right message about your business to draw in the right clients and opportunities.


Stage 3: Customized Website Design

Lastly, we’ll build your customized website. The website will be designed with the right tools and systems incorporated to save time on your client processes and to guide clients to take the actions you want them to take on your website.



*As a bonus, you’ll receive added support of complementary 30 day maintenance for touch ups and minor changes

+ the opportunity to get an ongoing maintenance plan.



To work together in this full customized website design process, the investment is $2,500* — with payment plans available.


*Other plans are available. Please schedule a consultation call to find out more.


Toni Therrien, Designer

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