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Why you need a website maintenance plan...

Website maintenance is often something people don't really think about. We're focused on the initial project and getting it up and running. It's difficult to think beyond that. As a designer and a business owner, my brain automatically thinks about now, 6 months from now, 2 years, and 5 years. This is (or should be) a common best practice for any entrepreneur. One of my all time favorite sayings is "You have to lay the track before the train can go." A monthly website maintenance plan is crucial to this process.

So what is a Website Maintenance Plan?

This varies from client to client. Here are a few examples:

  • The Realtor: These clients have regular open houses to put on calendars and great pictures to share! New staff join the Agency and require bio pages as well.

  • The Artist or Musician: I have clients that are artists of various types. These clients typically need songs, paintings, gig dates, and other frequent updates to their sites. Sometimes weekly even! They need their site to be up-to-date and professional looking at all times.

  • The Therapist: This client may need a little less maintenance, but I have one client that is always adding skills to her repertoire. For her, a professional able to update her site and showcase her new skills conveys her passion for staying up on the latest tools. She also has regular group sessions on her calendar that sometimes need updating.

As you can see, each business has different needs, so your designer will need to ask questions and develop a customized website maintenance plan for you. I am pretty familiar with how long things take me and base my price on the number of hours per month it'll take me to get the work done. This is pretty typical for my industry.

As you can see, having a professional behind you when updates are needed makes a difference. My clients shoot me a quick email and they are DONE! They know their website will be up-to-date and gorgeous with minimal effort on their part....and for a fair price that makes sense.

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