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Why hire a designer when I can build a website myself for cheap??

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Many people, especially those starting out or who have a side hustle, don't hire a web designer. With limited funds, it's important to prioritize, I get it! However, think of what you could accomplish with the right website.

Hiring a web designer could drive your business in many ways. First is time. One common trait I've run into working with entrepreneurs the last two decades is that they don't consider how much their time costs. Think of your salary, break that down hourly, then decide whether it's worth it to do it yourself or hire a professional that can do it in half the time and twice as well.

The second reason to hire a professional web designer may be the most important. Especially in today's world, literally EVERYONE will visit your website before they do business with you. Some businesses are completely online (like mine). Your website should not only look professional, but be a reflection of who you are and what your company stands for. It should also set you apart from your competition. A professional designer will be able to capture all of this while also making your site user friendly. Bonus!! And user friendly is a big deal! You want your customers to go to your website and get exactly the information they need with ease.

The third reason is sales. Oooooo, that dirty word. But everyone sells. I'm doing it now! (shhh, don't tell) If we don't sell, we don't make money. I don't know about you, but I really like having a roof over my head and feeding my children. So I sell. And I know how. So how does that translate to web design?? A good designer will know how to draw a potential client's eye to your most important content. They know how to word things and where to put those fun little buttons that get potential customers to give you their email or submit a call back request.

So you're ready for success! You're ready to dive in with a web designer. Before making that call, write down what you need for your site. Do you just need design? Do you need someone to write the content (known as copywriting)? Do you want people to be able to schedule you online or buy products? Once you've made your list, go to my website and choose a time. You'll get a link to a zoom call and this gal will take your website to the next level!

Toni Therrien is a designer living in Phoenix, AZ. She has two rambunctious boys, loves to cook, and is an artist at heart. Toni not only does web design, but sets up basic SEO, writes copy, designs email campaigns and social media marketing.

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