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What is your website's User Experience?

Have you ever visited a website and thought: "Ug, I'm not going to read all of this!" Or maybe you were frustrated because you couldn't find the information you were looking for. In the Web Design business, this is referred to as UX, or User Experience, and it's super important!

Think back to a time you went to a happy hour or event where the majority of the people worked together. They are speaking in acronyms and terms that seem like an alien language. You have no idea what's going on and start to drift out of the conversation. You may even feel annoyed and left out. This is what it feels like to read a website written for the business or business owner, and not for the client. And it's not just the writing. Where you place the text, buttons, and even what you name the menu items should speak to the end user.

Let's say I'm a regular human looking for a web designer. Below are two samples of text:

A: "Parapluie focuses on UX and Responsive designs, working to ensure the visual hierarchy of your content is sales focused. We do this by ensuring your CTAs are placed strategically with your content in order to increase conversion."

B: "Parapluie ensures that your website is user friendly on any device. We design websites that draw the eye to your most important content and ensure any visitor to your website clicks on that bright button we've strategically placed to increase your sales."

So, which one was easier to read? Did you say B?? I bet that's because you are not a web designer. If I want people to use my services, I need to use the words they would use to describe their needs. Now, I love sample A because it makes me sound like I really know what I'm talking about (because I do!), but my typical client will have absolutely no IDEA what I'm talking about. It might be intimidating to them or just plain frustrating and they will move on to another designer.

I mentioned Visual Hierarchy earlier. You can probably guess what that is, but just in case, it's simply a method of placing the most important content in the most obvious place. That could be at the top of the page, in a colorful box, or using animation. The idea is to make sure when someone is skimming your site, your top info catches their eye without effort.

Lastly, be sure to use names in your menu that are clear like HOME, ABOUT, OUR SERVICES. Don't send them on an Easter egg hunt by placing the 'about' section on your 'services' page. And of course the holy grail of tips....have a contact button on every. single page.

I have so much more to say about this and will be writing on this topic in more detail in the following weeks. Please be sure to subscribe by clicking the login button on my website so you don't miss any of the awesome info!

Toni Therrien is a web designer, writer, and mother of two wild boys. She helps entrepreneurs and artists by designing unique websites that reflect who they are and what they do. She also does blog and copywriting for clients. To schedule a FREE consultation call, click here.

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