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Website color schemes and how to choose them

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

I was chatting with a client the other day about their color scheme. This client was nervous that her color scheme may be a turn off to male clients. Often, when thinking about the color scheme, people think about their clientele rather than themselves. This is one area I think you should leave the client largely out of it.

The process of choosing colors is one of my favorite steps in creating a website for a new client. Getting to know their personality and how that translates to color and design helps me to convey who they are to their clientele. I've said many times, your website should be a seamless introduction. When your clients contact you, they shouldn't be surprised by your vibe. I think the misconception is that a client would want to identify with you in order to hire you, which is sort of true, but typically subconscious. A client may not realize they want to work with a certain personality type, maybe one very different from their own, but they are drawn to you either to connect, or to fill some gap in their own skill set.

In an article titled 'Why (and how) to design with personality' by Ashley Gainer, she says: "When you own your personality..., you carve out a space for yourself in a crowded field. When you build your... brand with a heavy dose of personality, you’re doing two things: you attract the right clients, and you repel the wrong ones." We've all heard the saying 'try to please everyone and you'll please

no one.' Remember this while building your brand. There is a pool of customers waiting to do business with you. There is also a pool of clients that are going to drain you because they aren't a good fit. Designing with intention and knowing what your ideal client looks like can help to link your personality + design = sales!

People want to know who they're working with, especially when working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. Color your brand with your unique personality and connect seamlessly with your ideal clients.

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