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I'm a musician, do I really need a website?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Musicians are performers. Guitarists, Singers, Drummers, all of us love to be on stage and to create. However, to keep ourselves on stage we need to network. When we think of networking, we often think of stuffy men in suits passing business cards at cocktail hour. But whether you’re a band or a freelance musician, networking is the key to success.

Think of the last time you were referred to a new doctor, a plumber, or any other service. I bet the first thing you did was check out their website. Everyone wants to hire the most professional and qualified person for the job. A great looking website makes people feel that YOU are a legitimate, qualified professional.

But why hire someone to design your website? Aren’t there easy sites you can use to create a website on your own? Sure, but are you a website or graphic designer? As inexpensive as those sites are, it’s unlikely you’ll get your money’s worth. By hiring a professional you’ll be sure your site looks slick, and all of the features such as photo galleries, playlists, and gig calendars work properly. There’s nothing worse than someone going to your website and finding they can’t get the songs to play or get the calendar to load. Professional designers will also know what tools will help drive web searches to your website.

So now you’re thinking, “How do I choose the right designer?” Start by asking other musicians. Someone who has worked with musicians in the past will do a better job marketing you to the particular client you have in mind. Talk to the designer about your clientele and the type of music you play so they can design a website that is enticing to those who would want to hire you.

We’ve all heard the phrase “It takes money to make money.” A professional website is one area where this has never been more true.

Are you an artist or musician? Click the link below to schedule a call, and enter the code "Artist" for $100 off web design services!!

Toni Therrien is a web designer, writer, and mother of two wild boys. She helps entrepreneurs and artists by designing unique websites that reflect who they are and what they do. She also does blog and copywriting for clients. To schedule a FREE consultation call, click here.

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