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3 Tips for getting the most from your web designer

When hiring a professional, we want to get the most for our money. The best way to do that?? Be prepared for the first meeting! The initial meeting or consultation sets the project in motion. Coming to the meeting with the following 3 questions answered will ensure your web designer understands your vision.

What do I want my website to accomplish?

Do you want people to set an appointment right from the site? Schedule a call? Give you their information for a call back? Maybe your site helps you recruit employees or raise money for a cause. Answering this question will determine a lot about how your website flows. It will determine how many tabs to create and why, and where to put those fun little buttons that make people take action. The end goal is important, so you'll want to know what that is.

What do I want to communicate through my website? Do you have a defined company culture? Or maybe you're a solo act with a great personality. The minute your website opens, your clients/customers/fans should get a feel for you. From the color scheme to the wording, having a website that reflects who you are is a great way to introduce yourself.

What is my budget?

A good designer will be able to work within your budget, within reason. Presenting a budget upfront will allow your designer to give you a realistic picture of what you can get for your money. You want to get the most professional end result possible. Understanding what your budget is will let the designer work within your parameters. Hey, they may even surprise you!

Remember that this is a collaboration. The more information you can provide and the more clear you are about your goals, the better your website will turn out. Leave the actual designing to your designer, but be sure to discuss color palette and style. Have a few pictures or objects for inspiration. Especially if your business in an artistic one. Inspirational items don't have to relate to the website specifically, but they will definitely help give your designer get to know you, and create a website that feels authentic to you.

Toni Therrien is a designer living in Phoenix, AZ. She has two rambunctious boys, loves to cook, and is an artist at heart. Toni not only does web design, but sets up basic SEO, writes copy, designs email campaigns, and social media marketing.

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