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As an expressive writer with a background in marketing, Toni has been working with entrepreneurs for almost two decades, helping them to reach customers and grow their businesses. With a strong connection to the entrepreneurial spirit, she sets out to communicate your personality and passion to your clients. Your marketing should be a seamless introduction to who you are and what you do.

For those wondering, "Why Parapluie??"  Toni has a love for the French language and culture.  Parapluie means umbrella, and other than being a beautiful word, emotes a feeling of protection and care.  Something all feel from her maternal nature.  

Toni is the mother of two boys who keep her yelling "if I get hit with one more Nerf bullet, I swear...!!!" Although her living room is usually repurposed as a fort, working from home and having time for family makes it all worthwhile.

An artistic nature has also followed her throughout her life.  Beginning at 7 years old, Toni became a full on theater nerd. Finding kinship with the theater crowd, she did professional theater and danced through her 20's.  

With a life goal of bringing beauty to the world and supporting the dreams of others, having Toni on your team will build brand messaging that will help you reach your goals.

Web designer, website designer
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